ST760 1-10V Motion Detector

ST760 1-10V Microwave Motion Detector

Microwave motion detector for ceiling / interior wall (IP20) installation. It has detection angle of 180º / 360º and range from 5 to 15mts (Wall) or 1 to 8mts (Ceiling). It has Dimming capacity and maximum load of 600W.

IP Rating IP20
Detection Angle 180º/360º
Rated Load 600W
Detection Distance 5-15 mts Wall
1-8 mts Ceiling
Delay Time 5S – 30 min
Ambient Lighting Yes
Installation Height Wall 1.5-3.5 mts
Ceiling 2-8 mts
Dimming Yes
Stand-by Dimming Yes
Stand-by Dimming Level Yes
Detection Range Yes
Installation Ceiling/Wall
Type Microwave
Size 77.7x45x25.5mm
SKU ILAR-00543
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